Celebration Florida: Murder for the First Time


There’s a little town called Celebration, Florida, built by none other than Disney; it was intended to be a perfect little town, harkening back to older, more innocent days where the post office was just a short walk down Main Street, families could picnic at the park and everyone was happy.


That picturesque image of Celebration was dented, at least a little, over the weekend when a 58-year old man was found dead in his condo in Florida. The man, Matteo Giovanditto, reportedly lived alone. The homicide reportedly happened over Thanksgiving weekend. His death was discovered after neighbors noticed they hadn’t seen him around much.

His murder marks the first time in the little history of the town that a serious crime has occurred. Granted, however, the city has only been in place for about 14 years. It’s enough that some people are questioning whether or not the Celebration experiment is working, or if it is becoming just another dangerous town that’s not quite safe to live in.

The sheriff’s spokesperson, for one, is trying to assure people that it is. Twis Lizasuain assured the community that the murder was “an isolated incident” and that the rest of the citizens were not in danger. There are roughly 11,000 people in the town.

One thing to note is that neighboring cities have more crime and at least, as the murder proves, neighbors in Celebration are keeping an eye out for each other. Though, until the murderer is caught, they might all want to be just a little more careful.

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